UTLIQA Lifestyle Information

Welcome to UTLIQA Lifestyle! You've joined UTLIQA Lifestyle, so what is the next step? As a Member you now have access to many benefits that will save you time and money and add to your holiday pleasure. Below is a brief summary of how we work, what your Points can do for you and some general information on how to manage your Membership.

Making The Most Of Your Points

A Point System that caters for your holiday needs

We understand that at various stages of your life your holiday needs will change. Our Points system helps you to enjoy the perfect holiday no matter what stage of life you are in or what your holiday requirements are.

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The Points System Explained

Allowing you ultimate holiday flexibility

UTLIQA Lifestyle's unique Points system gives Members the ultimate in flexibility, freedom of choice and financial planning, allowing you and your family to design your dream holiday!

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Your Accounts Explained

Understand how your Membership accounts work

As a Member you'll have various accounts linked to your profile. This is due to certain fees being charged on behalf of other entities with UTLIQA Lifestyle. In order to keep control of these transactions we keep them separate and easy to manage.

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Manage Your Account Online

Helping you control your Membership

Enjoy easy access to all your account details at your fingertips, anytime - day or night! Log in to your profile and check how many Points you have, make a booking, view your statements and much more.

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How To Make A Reservation

All you need to know

Your next dream holiday is closer than you think. With our easy online Reservations website and friendly call centre staff, you'll be able to book your next holiday before you can say "Ready, Set, Holiday!"

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Reservation and Account Security

Keeping your investment safe

We subscribe to the principles contained in the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). To safeguard your investment, UTLIQA Lifestyle has strengthened our security system to ensure that you, or your authorised users, are the only individual(s) empowered to transact on your account.

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